DIY Stadium Seating for the SuperBowl

Like several people around the country, I host my family and friends for a big SuperBowl party each year.  Being a die-hard Patriots fan, we have recently been blessed with cheering for the home team more often than not.  But regardless of the teams in the big game, we always have a party.

As the event has grown, so had our party attendance.  What started with 9 or 10 people has grown to over 20 most years.  Trying to fit everybody into the living room has been a challenge lately.  This year, I came up with a novel idea to add more seats.  I would add some tiered ‘Stadium Seating’ in my living room with a few cinder blocks (10) and a piece of plywood (5/8 inch)


To start with, I moved my couch forward away from the wall to give me at least 4 feet of working space.


I laid down the 10 cinder blocks in order to support the plywood stage sufficiently.


Once the base was laid properly, I added the 5/8 inch plywood over, bracing it against the wall.


I moved the couch back so it rested against the plywood to help secure it in place.  Finally, I put 4 chairs up on the platform to add the additional seating.


I am looking forward to all of my guests, and now we can all sit comfortably in the living room for the SuperBowl!


About timantz

I am a Solutions Architect at SimpliVity, helping people around the country with their virtualization, storage, backup and recovery projects.
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One Response to DIY Stadium Seating for the SuperBowl

  1. ixobelle says:

    ha! Should have put the sofa up top… those chairs looked prone to falling over, the sofa much sturdier 😉

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