Paying it forward

Last week, Scott Lowe posted “Putting the User back in VMware User Group” In that post, he offered to mentor 5 users interested in presenting at their local VMUG group for the first time. This offer was extended to help the regular guy, a VMware customer and VMUG attendee that has never presented, but wants to give it a shot. Cody Bunch followed suit and posted on the #vBrownBag that he would mentor 5 users as well. I applauded Scott’s effort and would like to follow suit with Cody.
I am offering to mentor up to 5 courageous people that want to step up to the podium and speak at a local VMUG or VTUG meeting. This is for first-time presenters willing to step up and take on the challenge. What does this mean to you, and what can I help you with?

– Coordinate efforts with your local VMUG leaders
– Help selecting a topic on which to speak
– Guidance and feedback on content and format.
– Review and provide feedback/suggestions for improving your presentation.
– Provide tips and tricks for public speaking.
– Do a dry run via WebEx or a Google+ hangout.

If you think you are ready for it and are willing to take myself (or Scott, Cody and the others) up on the offer, take the first leap. Send me an email as well as reach out to your local community leader. I’ve already had one person take me up on the offer. Don’t miss out on the chance to share with the #vCommunity.

About timantz

I am a Solutions Architect at SimpliVity, helping people around the country with their virtualization, storage, backup and recovery projects.
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